Each year, on the 17th of March, our Foundation celebrated its Patron Saint by organizing a special festival, with lectures, workshops, and plays, all centered on the life and memory of Saint Patrick of Ireland.

Unlike the celebration secular Western Society has capitalized on, where Saint Patrick’s Day is reduced to pagan leprechauns, alcoholic beverages, and fictional tales, our foundation takes back the memory of our beloved servant of Christ, and celebrates his achievements for the Glory of God and good deeds during his missionary work on the Isle of Ireland.

During this day we celebrate his legacy through educational activities, commitment to spreading the Teachings of the Gospel, which are as commendable today as they were during the Saint’s life, and more than ever stand in the face of the social inequities that Africa is faced with.

The legacy of Saint Patrick lives through our foundation and is celebrated on his day through the countless spiritual grandchildren he left to continue his noble work in the world.