Our charity foundation organizes yearly events for African individuals and families, through which education, good faith, and humanitarian services are promoted and dedicated in honor of the memory of Saint Patrick of Ireland and his good deeds in spreading the Words of the Gospel.

Each year, our charity foundation promotes social inclusion, theological education, and overall humanitarian services, through events and charities that have at their heart a dedicated team of staff and volunteers who constantly pursue an unrelenting commitment for care and understanding of each other.

The SSPA Foundation is an advocate for well being, philanthropic events, and educational activities meant to strike a change in the lives of African people. Each year, on the 17th of March, the date we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, we bring people together and inspire them to be at their best in their faith and spirit, according to the model of our Patron Saint.

Our foundation organizes trainings, cultural activities, and workshops, all meant to strike a change in the lives of African people, offering a new perspective of life and living, with full confidence and faithfulness in a better and more peaceful, evolved world, just as Saint Patrick brought to the original inhabitants of pre-Christian Ireland.


Our foundation accepts volunteers from all around the world and especially from Ireland, who share the same ambitions and goals as our Patron Saint did.